KGEK Design

Our Story

Our entrepreneurship began at a very early age when we started our Reynolds Brothers business selling Crunchy Munchies Cookies to make our own money.  Following a trip to a local bead store to make necklaces, we explored the idea of making jewelry as another business opportunity.  KGEK was founded in 2005 when Graham and Ethan were 11 and 8 years old.  The name KGEK was derived from the first name of each family member which foreshadowed the evolution into the current family business.

Graham and Ethan are often recognized for their enterprising youth and have received substantial encouragement and support from the Park City community and businesses.  The Park Silly Sunday Market began in 2006 and was a major catalyst in the growth of KGEK through the access to sell products at the market and the collaboration with experienced artists.  Today, KGEK jewelry is available in stores, and we continue to be a vendor at the summer market along with other shows throughout the year.  This website is our new venture to make our products available to customers without geographic boundaries.

Kevin       Graham       Ethan       Kathryn


Kevin manages the business and works on product development.  He recently learned silversmithing techniques and has worked with Graham and Ethan on the expansion of the jewelry line to include items crafted with silver, gold, and natural stones.



Graham is currently studying Product Design at the University of Cincinnati. Through his studies he has learned design techniques and processes that create a successful product. He has worked with a number of companies including designing jewelry for Michael Kors, developing product for Boa Technology, and is currently on the Crate and Barrel design team in Chicago. This fall he will be studying design with an emphasis on engineering in Wuppertal, Germany.


Ethan spent his first year of school at the Technical University of Dresden (TUDIAS),  Dresden, Germany. There he studied the German language while being fully immersed in the German culture. During his time there he made life-long friends with students from all around the world. He will continue his studies at the University of Utah starting Fall, 2016. Ethan has supported much of the product creation and has produced unique designs through experimentation with construction processes. 


Kathryn is involved in many areas of the company including researching trends, developing concepts, and managing day to day sales. She has a refined sense of design and continually brings innovative ideas to the table. She manages the KGEK Design booth at markets and spends a lot of time interacting with customers.