KGEK Design

A look into the process of designing and developing our products from initial concept generation to the finished product.


STEP 1  //  INSPIRATION : We begin by gathering inspiration and researching trends. Our inspiration comes from a wide range of sources including natural materials, nature, Interior spaces, architecture, furniture design, fashion, and music.


STEP 2  //  CONCEPT GENERATION : We then brainstorm and develop concepts through sketching. These drawings range from quick doodles to refined renderings while always keeping inspiration in mind. The main goal of this phase is to develop a broad range of ideas and share them with each other visually. 


STEP 3  //  PROTOTYPING : We begin prototyping once we have a rough idea for a product or collection. These prototypes are a first attempt, initially developed from the concept sketch. The prototypes are presented to consumers and retailers for critical review. The product then goes through a series of refinements to get to a production-ready final sample.


STEP 4  //  PRODUCTION : Once a final sample has been created, the product is ready for short runs of production. The raw materials are ordered from our suppliers, and then we get busy constructing the product in our studio. All of our products are handmade, one by one, by us (the designers) in Park City, Utah.