KGEK Design

We are KGEK Design. A family business that designs and produces handmade jewelry in our home town of Park City, Utah.

Attention to Detail

We believe that refined details are what set our products apart from the rest. For this reason we spend a lot of our time adjusting the details of our products. This usually includes altering the proportions, lengths, closures, and materials of our products.

Handmade by Us

All of our products are handmade, one by one, by us (the designers) in our studio in Park City, Utah. We do small runs of each collection, usually consisting of a few items at a time.

An overview of our process can be found under the "our process" tab


Design Driven

We strive to continually develop innovative products that move our business forward through new materials, processes and clever design. 

KGEK is a design driven brand. Using design, we have constructed our business, processes, and products to be as seamless as possible. 

Refined Construction and Materials

All of our products have an emphasis on quality. Because of this, we use the best materials and pay attention to the craft of each piece.